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Firewood Wrappers in Mora, MN

Twister Industries is the only manufacturer of the original Twister Wood Wrapper—the one and only firewood wrapper designed with a quick-load system and automated wrapping action to make bundling firewood quick, efficient and cost-effective. We’ve been manufacturing our wood wrapper system in Mora, MN since 1992. While our product is often imitated, no other firewood wrapper on the market comes close to its performance and reliability!

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Why choose the Twister firewood wrapper?

Here’s a look at what makes our system different from any other, and why so many other products try to mimic our design:

  • Electric or gas models: Twister Wood Wrappers are available in both electric and gas models, giving you the choice between two power options. Gas models are powered by a 4ph Honda engine. We also supply a manual wrapper for those who want an economical solution to firewood wrapping.
  • Three bundle sizes: Depending on the model, our wood wrappers are capable of handling either ¾, 1 or 11/4 cubic feet. This is optimal for bundling firewood for sale in different quantities, at different price points.
  • Quick-load trays: Thanks to our intelligent design, quick-load trays make it easy to load up the right amount of firewood (¾, 1 or 11/4 cubic feet) and produce a quick bundle without manually gathering and positioning firewood.
  • Superior construction: Our firewood wrappers are American-made, right here in Mora, MN. Rely on their all-steel construction for superior longevity and the dependability that comes with careful construction and thoughtful design.

Firewood Wrapper Pricing:

  • Hand Wrapper (Manual) –
  • Standard Wrapper (Electric)-
  • Standard Quick Load (Electric)-
  • High-speed Quick Load Wrapper (Electric) –
  • Gas High-speed Quick Load –
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Wood Wrapper
Wood Wrapper

Firewood Wrapper

Clear Bundle Wrap and Straps

Make sure to grab your firewood bundle wraps and handles for your Firewood Wrapper. We sell our wraps by the case or bundle:

  • 4 rolls per $60/case
  • 1 roll for $16

Each roll is:

  • 3″ inner diameter
  • 12″ x 1500 ft per roll
  • 90 Gage / 9 mil.
Wood Wrapper

Our 1×8 Bundle Handles come in a variety of colors to meet your needs. Our Bundle Handles are $75 per thousand.

thank you.- NM

Firewood Wrapper

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If you’re interested in a quick, efficient firewood bundling solution, contact us today at 320-679-9835. As producers of the original Twister Wood Wrapper, we’re the authority on firewood wrapping in Mora, Ledoux, Cleveland, and La Cueva, MN and will make sure you get a wood wrapper, log conveyor, or firewood splitter that meets your needs.