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Your full service provider of firewood products and accessories
Welcome to Twister Industries - Your full service provider of firewood products and accessories. You're at the home of the original TWISTER Wood Wrapping System! Anything else is just a copy!
About Us
twister firewood wrapping systems

Twister Industries, located in Mora, Minnesota has always been the leader in the wood wrapping industry. Twister Industries pioneered the first practical wood wrapper, appropriately named the TWISTER. In 1993, Twister Industries started out small with the first run being only ten wood wrapping machines.

One of the original 10 machines, serial number 3, is still in use today. Although it has been modified over the years, it is still the basic machine that it started out as in 1993. Number 3 has never been inside a garage or covered with a tarp during its entire lifetime. The only service work needed on this machine was the replacement of the foot switch that just wore out after all those years in the dirt and mud. It still wraps wood like it did when it was brand new!

Today, Twister Industries has diversified into other areas of firewood production including firewood processors, conveyers, elevators and high quality, high production wood splitters.

Often imitated, an original TWISTER is the best wood wrapping system available, anything else is just a copy!

twister firewood wrapping systems
Chuck Sheely

Chuck Sheely / TWISTER was born and raised on a family farm turned campgroung/ Rv. park with over 300 sites. Selling around 80 cords of lose wood a year was the inspiration for the first twister. Chuck was always looking for a better way to get the tedious job of handling firewood done. After working with his Father for over 20 years splitting, bundling and distributing firewood for over 300 campsites, Chuck 'Mr.Twister' Sheely built his first firewood bundling machine in 1990 as a way to 'get out of work'.

Chuck designed several different machines that held the wood vertical and worked much like a washing machine. He finally hit upon the idea of stacking the wood horizontally and holding the wood stationary while the machine winds the stretch wrap around the bundle. After a few misfires, the TWISTER wood wrapping system was born and became an instant hit with the other campground owners! Chuck was commissioned to build to build his firewood bundling machines for several campgrounds in the area.

Chuck started mass production 1993 and has sold his patented machines to over 1,000 satisfied customers. Since then, sales have boomed all around the world and Twister Industries has diversified into other firewood machines such as processors, elevators and high production splitters.

Mission Statement

Twister Industries is dedicated to the firewood industry and "in it for the long haul" with a diversified line of high quality products that will stand the test of time.

Twister Industries looks forward to providing past, present and future clients with high quality products and services for at least the next 100 years!

twister firewood wrapping systems